Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Well, there's another horror episode for all you fans of the strange.

After the last episode, which closed off a mini arc, I wasn't sure what I'd get for a follow up, another throwaway episode, or an episode that dealt with the ongoing plot, the answer is both, sort of. There's no denying this is an episode connected to the ongoing events, as Connie and Steven face the Gem mutant fusions. In fact it seems to also be vital because we see growth in Connie as she confronts her mom, while Connie's mom seems to be changing her parenting approach. On the other hand, I can't say it doesn't feel a bit useless, like outside Connie's parents being less overprotective, I don't think this episode will matter much in the long run. I could be wrong, I hope I am, but if this episode exists just so Connie can get more involved with the action, then it's not a total waste, but I'm not sure if we really needed an episode like this.

Steven and Connie arrive at Connie's doorstep, with Connie acknowledging she'd like to practice sword fighting more often. Steven, wanting to help out, decides to give her Rose's sword, a moment of kindness, ruined by Connie's mom arriving home. They try to hide the sword, but fail to do so, as Connie's mom notices, resulting in her taking the sword, when the hospital calls her back to work. The two kids decide to follow.

As they arrive to the hospital, it becomes quickly apparent something is not right with the patients, which no one seems to understand what's going on. As Steven and Connie nearly escape with the sword, they're caught by Connie's mom, at which point the patients are revealed to be the experimented fused Gems from a few episodes ago. It's a creepy sight, but not as creepy as previous horror based episodes. The three try to escape, with Connie's mom refusing to give Connie the sword, which she can use to save them. Eventually, once they're cornered, Connie gets through to her mom, thus saving the day, as her mom finally realizes how her parenting choices has affected Connie. The episode closing on a sweet understanding between the two.

This episode is okay, the horror stuff has been done better before, while the character growth could've been handled better in another episode. This is a forgettable episode, one that has some charm, but remains to be forgettable regardless.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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