Monday, August 28, 2017


Why is Onion so weird!?

Continuing our descent into a broken team, this time we focus on Amethyst and how she's dealing with everything. I'll admit, I don't feel this was the best way to go about this, despite the episode being cute. I almost would've preferred a solo adventure with Amethyst, struggling to cope with the idea of the team being the way it is at the moment, still it is interesting to see her having a close human friend. Vidalia has appeared before, shown in the first flashback episode, but here we find her much older, the mother of Sourcream and the show's most bizarre character, Onion. The personal relationship between Amethyst and Vidalia is fascinating to watch, but it's barely touched upon, as we see Steven with Onion, an odd friendship that Steven wants no part of, which is also the weakest part of the episode, more on that later.

Let's talk about the plot, we began with Steven, trying to cheer a depressed Amethyst up, she doesn't seem to want to at the moment though. Steven, soon stumbles upon Onion, stealing, per the norm, which starts a chase, leading to Steven finding Onion's home, which he sees portraits of Amethyst everywhere. It's a weird sight, leading to Steven, bringing Amethyst along, as they notice the oddness of the paintings, Vidalia reveals herself, leading to a fond, as well as cute exchange between the two, as Amethyst agrees to stay for dinner. We get a handful of cute, humorous moments, as Steven just feels weirded out by the situation, though this leads to Steven, spending time with Onion in his room. 

The scenes playing out in Onion's room are hilariously odd, as Steven wants nothing to do with him. Storming out, before Onion gets too weird, Steven is about to tell Amethyst to leave, until he notices that she and Vidalia are bonding, with Vidalia actually getting through to Amethyst, cheering her up. It's a strong moment I wish we had more of, but Steven is our focus, so we see him go back with Onion, taking whatever weird thing he throws at him, for Amethyst's sake. The following moment is a cute call back to the episode with Steven's G.U.Y.S. as we see Onion reveal a treasure chest of them and G.A.L.S. it's cute, but it robs the emotional core of the story, seeing Amethyst reconnect with an old friend. The episode concludes with all parties agreeing to hang out again, even if Steven would rather not see the incredibly weird Onion again.

The Onion stuff isn't bad, let's just be clear, he's funny and weird, but this deserved to be an Amethyst focused episode, not a Steven episode. We don't need to see funny moments of Steven being weirded out by Onion, we should've seen more of Amethyst dealing with the stress of a broken family. Still, it's a charming episode, I just wish it were better, this show deserves better.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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