Thursday, November 19, 2015


*Note: Due to a busy schedule, this week's original post has been delayed, instead,  here's my extremely late review of Daredevil season one, enjoy.
Premise-Witness the origin of Daredevil, a vigilante out to improve Hell's Kitchen, despite his own issues with his job, his friends and most importantly, his lack of vision.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Plenty of people have played Super Smash Bros. at this point right? I don't think it's hard to imagine why I love it so much, or why anyone does for that matter, it's the perfect party game. Since I am a huge fan, I've decided to compile a top ten character list, but I'm not talking about the best, I'm talking about the worst "Smash" has to offer. I'd like to point out that obviously this is my opinion, so don't get whiny if you disagree, especially considering that these aren't ranked by which fighters lose the most, rather it is ranked by which ones are lackluster to me as characters in the roster, because the best thing about "Smash" is the insane roster. Here are my picks for the TOP TEN WORST SMASH BROS. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Synopsis-Charlie Brown finds himself smitten with his new neighbor, (the Little Red-Haired Girl) leading him to embark on a quest to win her affection by proving he's a winner. Meanwhile, Snoopy, Brown's loyal dog, goes on his own quest when his rival (the Red Baron) causes trouble for him.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Superheroes are currently the most popular heroes to watch in the cinema, whether you're a man of steel, an incredible green giant, or a talking raccoon, there's no denying superheroes are all over the place, but it wasn't always like that. Prior to the 2000's, superheroes were not the most popular figures in film, sure there were the classics, but years would go by without a superhero on the big screen; even if there was one, there was no guarantee that it would be a respectable movie. I feel it's appropriate that we actually examined how we got to where we're at, after all, if the theaters are gonna continue hyping these movies, we owe it to the heroes to know the road it took for them to get here.