Saturday, October 31, 2020

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Maleficent:Mistress of Evil-Review

I’ve openly admitted my dislike of the live-action Disney remakes before, they’re expensive messes that disappoint more often than not. Many would assume I hate these movies for what they are, remakes, but in truth I do think a lot of these stories should be revisited, after all Disney didn’t make the first version, nor will they ever make the final take of any of the fairytales they adapt. If Disney chose to tell a story again from a new perspective, understanding and place, I could see the remakes as something endearing, which is a shame that they often cop out from that. At their worst, Disney remakes just recreate the classics, while adding “fixes” no one asked for, but every now and then they do try doing new things, often they seem to fail, but occasionally we get something like Maleficent. While still lesser to it’s animated counterpart Sleeping Beauty, this remake managed to tell a nice, interesting new story for most of it’s runtime that updated the material and provided interesting new approaches. Essentially asking the audience if it was fair to accuse Maleficent of being pure evil once we have her side of the story, the movie may not have been perfect but it was a welcomed update, now we have a sequel.