Sunday, October 4, 2015


 There's a lot of strange things that happen in the middle of Nowhere, a lot, most of which require Courage to save his two owners from. In one end, we have Eustace, a cruel farmer who takes pleasure from practically abusing Courage, on the other side we have Muriel, a kind elderly lady who often takes care of Courage, but what if what we see wasn't the whole truth? After all what kind of people attract the kinds of creatures that we see here? Maybe, just maybe, Courage true enemy is his owners, after all, Courage is the one who is most horrified by all these things, Muriel and Eustace might just be in "danger" because they enjoy seeing Courage in peril.


Synopsis-Dracula is back, this time, he's out to help his half-human grandson become a true vampire;shenanigans ensue while Drac's daughter is seeing the human world.