Friday, September 25, 2015


Hi there, I'd like to take this time to announce my plans for October, since it is a rather spooky month I want to make more posts for that sort of stuff. The kinds of posts I'll be doing are original stories and theories on shows that are spooky in there own way. Consider today's post a tease to that kind of thing, it's a theory of my own, at least I thought of it, but I'm sure others may have reached a similar conclusion. Is Bill Cipher the Devil in Gravity Falls?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Synopsis-Elementary school teachers fight for their lives when a virus turns all children into zombies.


Here's your first glimpse at what actually looks like a good way to adapt a game to a movie.


Synopsis- Ella is forced to work for her step-mother and step-sisters after her father passes away, but with her kindness and courage she may find a way to a better life.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Premise-Create and share the most insane Mario levels created by you!


I enjoy the Kingdom Hearts franchise, sure the story has gotten insanely stupid, but the gameplay is just too much fun. I've thought about what worlds I'd like to see in the upcoming installment, even if  most of these won't get in due to how odd they may be, I think they'd be fun to witness. Before I begin my list I'd like to say that this is my list, if you disagree that's fine, but please don't insult me for my opinions, just comment what you think is more deserving for the game, while respecting my opinion, that being said, here... we... go.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Pokemon GO Trailer Makes Me Wish I Was A Kid Again

Not much I can say for this, it's just beautiful, cool and the kind of thing I would've loved when I first saw the show.
On another note, you might have noticed I haven't written much as of late, sadly life is busy at the moment, that and I'm currently starting work on a short film, so expect less stuff. If you are a fan of my writing, thank you, I hope you continue reading and have shared my posts, a growing audience can be of great support for future writings, in any case thank you for your support.

Written By Octaviano Macias