Sunday, August 27, 2017


Ruby and Sapphire return, not the games,
Well then, this episode certainly keeps the emotion going, taking Garnet's thoughts to an interesting place. I'm glad that the show has decided to keep going with it's fusion dilemma, which seems to be the theme of this season. While the episode gets closer to having a resolution over what happened in the previous episode, it continues to show some things aren't just easily solved.

The episode begins with everything still in a mess, Pearl specifically has been on a constant lookout to find Peridot. Garnet, still giving Pearl the silent treatment, ignores her pleas for forgiveness. Shortly before anything else can go wrong, Greg appears to get Steven for ride to the next state over, Garnet, finally speaking, decides to come along. As they arrive to their motel, Greg leaves to buy some things, as Garnet and Steven stay behind.

Garnet, facing a lot of inner problems, splits into Ruby and Sapphire, which Steven at first isn't too bothered by. The two seem to disagree over how they feel about Pearl's actions, with Ruby burning hot and Sapphire freezing the motel. Nothing improves as Greg arrives, nor does it improve the next day over breakfast. Steven, eventually fed up, runs away, blaming himself, leading to Ruby and Sapphire forgiving each other, while at home as Garnet, they talk to Rose, even if they aren't forgiving her just yet.

This is a touching episode, sure Peridot and Malachite have no involvement, but that's not what matters now. I hope the show understands to let this play out before we get back to our villains, but for now, this is a good episode to follow the last one up.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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