Monday, August 28, 2017


Well this is possibly the worst episode of the season so far.
I just don't care all that much about the Jaime character, I get it, he's an aspiring actor, but he just feels so annoying. It might be that as far as characters go, he may be the most bland and unoriginal on the show to date, but I'm not sure honestly. In any case, this is another episode focused on him, trying to teach us the creation of Beach City, which we get, but it turns out to be nothing too interesting. Also, aside from Pearl's intro, we don't see how she's dealing with Garnet ignoring her, making the episode have less impact.

The episode begins with Steven and Jaime, talking briefly before Jaime reveals he has a play coming up. Steven decides to join, making him and Jaime the only actors, which is pretty funny. The play, written by Mayor Dewey, talks about his ancestor who found the land, a fine set up, the only issue is that he wrote his ancestor to be some kind of perfect human. Jaime desires a change, which soon leads to Steven going back home, seeing Pearl mope, he decides to talk about the play. Pearl instantly realizes Mayor Dewey is being historically inaccurate, as she was involved with the formation of Beach City.

The next day, the script is rewritten by Pearl, without the Mayor's consent, so Jaime fears angering him. The two actors, decide to go on with their show, as we see the audience arrive, Pearl is in the audience, as we see her act as a mother seeing her child on stage, also, hilariously enough, she rejects Mayor Dewey's affection. The play goes on, the Mayor freaks out about the changes, but that is changed when he notices the audience loves the more accurate tale. Our episode closes with celebration, as Jaime gets commissioned by the mayo to run more plays.

This was a pretty boring episode overall, there's a few jokes in there, but honestly, I can't remember much else to like it.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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