Tuesday, August 8, 2017


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Continuing the motherly trend, this episode focuses on Garnet's ability to see the future, as well as her relationship with Steven. It's a cute episode to say the least, as well as a pretty funny one. We know Garnet seems to know quite a lot, but seeing it be revealed that she is aware of future possibilities makes so much sense.

On the other hand, Steven's story of wanting to be a big boy, is useless. Not only is it barely even a real factor in the episode, but it also just feels like a repeat to an earlier episode. It could've worked, given that the future story device can go well with that, but it's a useless piece of information that no one needed at any point for this episode to work.

Our episode begins with Steven, boxing various toys and posters to demonstrate he's no longer a kid. We get a few funny jokes here, including seeing what he replaces one poster with, but the episode truly begins after he trips and lands on Garnet's arms. Garnet reveals to Steven that she has future vision. Steven, wanting to exploit this power, convinces Garnet to pal around with him for the day, asking various basic questions, which Garnet decides to humor him with.

What starts as a joyful day, quickly turns into a nightmare as Steven realizes everything can hurt him, including a funny running gag with a couple of bee(dril)s attacking him. Garnet tries to calm Steven, while warning him to stay away from the roof. As the Gems leave for a mission, Steven panics alone, eventually going to the roof. Garnet comes back, telling Steven her warning was not to frighten him, but to keep that exact confrontation from happening. Desiring to grow closer to Steven, Garnet reveals she admitted having future vision because she cares for Steven, leading to Steven joining Garnet on the ground.

It's a cute harmless episode, nothing great but I enjoyed it. I wish we would get a continuation to Peridot's story, but I guess I'll have to wait, for now enjoy this.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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