Saturday, July 1, 2017


Well, hat was quite the cliffhanger.

I wouldn't call this episode forgettable, but after the last episode, this is a noticeable step down from that. There are some really good laughs here, I won't deny that, but with al, the subplots going on in this one, I feel like some stories just aren't given the amount of time needed.

Unlike previous reviews, I will go through all the subplots here individually as there's a lot of ground to cover, so here we go.

Let's starts with the Princess Carolyn plot. Princess Carolyn finally receives a night off. While joking to her assistant, Judah (who's always fun to see), he sets Princess Carolyn up with three dates, something Princess Carolyn wasn't interested in, but does anyway because as she puts it "when am I getting another night off?" It goes as poorly as you'd expect. Things finally improve, when her last date arrives, who is a mouse. It's a cute end to her story, though this part of the story is perhaps the most bland of the bunch.

Next up we have BoJack and Todd's plot. Todd reunites with his old friend, Emily, who still seems to want a relationship. She's attending a wedding reception, which BoJack and Todd crash into. BoJack gives a nice speech for the soon to be married couple, that ultimately backfires when one of the ladies decides she's no longer ready to marry the other woman. The speech BoJack soon gives to convince the young woman is among the most memorable and interesting ones from the show. On Todd and Emily's end, Emily tries to rekindle the romance, but Todd keeps stopping it, leading to Emily frustrated with BoJack.

Finally, Diane joins a party hosted by a Dave Franco voiced character, who isn't Dave Franco for some reason. There's not a whole lot of golden material here, but a bit with Diane taking drugs is perhaps the highlight joke of the episode. Eventually the drugs lead to Diane deciding to tell Mr.Peanutbutter everything in her mind, leading to her arm being damaged when she decides to carry Mr.Peanutbutter. A trip to the hospital reveals Diane to be pregnant.

It's a fun episode to be sure, but it's a serious step down from the last episode.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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