Friday, June 30, 2017


I regret asking for more 2D animated movies.

Upfront, yes, I don't care for My Little Pony, I get that there are adult fans, but I just don't find it appealing, sorry. The show's humor is too basic for me, the animation is bland, yes the style is cute, but there's nothing exciting there, plus it's the same basic design for a majority of the cast. Point is, I've never understood the appeal, I overall dislike this series, my intense hatred however, stems from my experiences with the fandom, while not all Bronies (I'm not explaining this term) are jerks, I can safely say I've met enough assholes in the Brony community, I was even stalked by one, it's a long story.

The new movie, coming just in time for Blade Runner to overshadow it, looks to be more of the same for the material, fine I guess for fans, but for me, I just found myself annoyed that this is 2D animation's return to mainstream theaters. It just looks so unappealing, we're getting the same, bland, cutesy animation style, but on top of poorly CG'd backgrounds. I'm sorry, I know taste is subjective, but the colorful characters just don't look right in what's coming off as grimy, unfinished CG sets that lack the same amount of color as the characters. The humor is of course the meme-y stuff you'd expect after watching the show, it's just nothing special for me, while the plot is standard tv to movie plot stuff, evil character, comes to destroy the world, or city, or locale the main character resides in, so they have to stop it. It all looks so uninspired, I just don't get the appeal, much like the show. I'm probably skipping it, but someone will watch it, so fuck it I guess.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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