Tuesday, June 27, 2017


 A murder mystery begins, with BoJack at the center of everything.

So far, this season has kept BoJack and Diane apart, which gets addressed in this episode. As far as episodes where the two are paired, this is not among the best, but it's a fun time regardless. Perhaps the most fun thing about the episode, is seeing how a Seaworld esque theme park works in this universe.

The episode begins with BoJack, attending various events to get support for his Oscar campaign. He receives a call from Jill Pill, who demands he visit Cuddly Whiskers, just to retrieve an old letter. Upon finding Cuddly's home, BoJack and Diane realize his home is deserted, but find a dead whale on his pool. The two are interrogated, but are released shortly after.

Meanwhile, Mr.Peanutbutter and Todd are skunked, resulting in Princess Carolyn having to clean the two and the house, so Diane doesn't argue with Mr.Peanutbutter. It's a funny subplot, that at first seems pointless, but soon makes for a good twist on expectations once the episode ends.

BoJack and Diane eventually trace the mystery to a whale theme park (that comes off more like a strip club) run by a former cast member on "Horsin' Around" named Goober. After hours, BoJack and Diane find out Goober has been selling a drug known as "BoJack Kills". Right as Goober is about to get rid of the two, the police arrive, saving the day.

The episode closes out on BoJack and Diane finding Cuddly Whiskers. The reveal here, is that Cuddly Whiskers has given up everything for true happiness, no longer caring about responsibility, just living as he pleases.

It's a fun episode, with a lot to take in, at least in terms of the final moments as we get some existential ideas shared. I'd like to point out though, that this episode is actually setting up quite a lot for the rest of the season, even if we don't notice. So, yes, those strainers we'll be used later in the season. Just keep watching to find out how.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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