Monday, June 26, 2017


 It's 2007 again, as we see the events that led into BoJack's second show.

Once again, BoJack Horseman provides a fun flashback episode that throws the year right in your face so hard. By all means, this should not be funny, but it somehow manages to be funny throughout the entirety, nothing but gags thrown at your face regarding the year. Awkward references, awkward name drops, every joke here is in some way referencing  2007, so much so that by the end everything feels ancient. There's a lot of fun in this episode, but the real meat is understanding a separate part of our lead's life, his venture into returning to television.

The episode begins with BoJack and Princess Carolyn after sex. We find how the world was like in 2007, Princess Carolyn was a secretary, Diane was a barista, Mr.Peanutbutter was married to Jessica Biel, while Todd had a sort of girlfriend. What about BoJack? He was doing exactly as what he was doing years before and later, nothing.

Shortly after, BoJack meets Cuddly Whiskers, a tv producer. Cuddly Whiskers wants BoJack to star in his new show. Everything goes well, as BoJack takes the job with Princess Carolyn supporting him, BoJack feels ready to move on. Suddenly, after a table reading of the new show goes over well, BoJack fears it may just be another "Horsin' Around". The fear prompts him and Cuddly Whiskers to rewrite the show's pilot, while also changing the title to "The BoJack Horseman Show".

Meanwhile, Mr.Peanutbutter's marriage crumbles, as Diane manages to cheer him up. Todd escapes his sort of girlfriend's father, resulting in the origin of his hat, as well as what prompted him to hide out at BoJack's eventually. This piece retcons the whole video game thing from season 1, but kudos to the animators keeping the same basic model for Todd's sorta girlfriend from that bit.

Back to our main story, the show is finished and ready to air. Princess Carolyn becomes BoJack's agent, acknowledging she has no interest in actually dating him (haha). "The BoJack Horseman Show" begins, as the episode closes out with BoJack and Cuddly Whiskers confident they've made a great show.

Overall this was a really fun sit through, despite all the pop culture references, this is a really good episode.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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