Sunday, June 4, 2017


 BoJack reunites with an old friend, the results are disastrous.

Much like the last episode, this episode ends on a downer note, only this time, there's an air of depression throughout the entire episode. BoJack Horseman is a funny show, make no mistake of that, but it's strongest when dealing with tough moments, which this episode is full of. It perhaps becomes BoJack's lowest point in the season, with little in the way of redemption, it's the stuff that would be a heartbreaking shock in any other show, but here it just feels standard.

The episode begins with a scene from the previous episode, only now in BoJack's perspective. We find BoJack and Diane heading to meet Herb Kazazz, Todd tags along as the getaway driver, should things get too messy between Herb and BoJack. We flashback to the 80's, complete with funny time specific gags, including a song that acknowledges it's the 80's. We see BoJack's early days as a stand-up comic with Herb and Charlotte. Eventually we see their progression into tv, Herb as a producer, with BoJack as the lead actor.

Over the years, a rift starts between BoJack and Herb, but things get worse once BoJack is on the cusp of getting the role of his dreams, Secretariat. The media reveals Herb is gay, a taboo topic in the 90's, resulting in Herb's decision to get BoJack to help for old times sake. BoJack tries, and fails to stand up for his friend, resulting in the job loss for Herb. 

Back in modern day, the group arrives to Herb's house. Todd is left in the car to be ready for a getaway (a choice that leads him to be held hostage by a couple of girls), as BoJack and Diane talk with Herb. Everything is calm, friendly as BoJack and Herb share jokes and memories, but once BoJack is ready to leave, he doesn't feel satisfied. BoJack feels regret over his past choice and decides to apologize, only for Herb to reject the apology, resulting in a fight between the two, keep in mind, Herb is cancer-ridden, making BoJack look worse. We end with the ending of the last episode, only from BoJack's perspective, which leads to an embarrassing moment of BoJack kissing Diane.

Overall, this is a really strong episode in the show, while I initially enjoyed the 5th episode more, coming back to this episode, I find more things I like about this one. In other words, this is better episode than my original favorite of the season.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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