Monday, June 5, 2017


 Naomi Watts and Wallace get strange, but funny guest appearances in this episode, while BoJack gets to play Mr.Peanutbutter.

This is a pretty forgettable episode, I'm not gonna beat around the bush on that. It's not bad mind you, but outside the funny celebrity guests, so much just feels like it's unnecessary. Even after watching the episode again, I feel like I need to go back just to check in on what happened.

Mr.Peanutbutter's "theft of the d" is being turned into a movie called the "Hollywoo Heist", an odd development that I don't think was ever built up, let alone has any lasting impact. Anyway, BoJack is in the lead role, with Naomi Watts playing Diane, Wallace Shawn as BoJack and Quentin Tarantulino directing, things start getting messy with issues on set. For starters, Mr.Peanutbutter keeps complaining to BoJack's choice in shirt, a complaint that puts him acting exactly as he did within the actual episode that this episode is trying to re-enact, though admittedly here it feels natural. Eventually Todd starts changing parts of the film, unintentionally bothering BoJack and Naomi Watts, Watts expressing annoyance that her character is getting more fleshed out, despite wanting to play a one-dimensional lead for a change, that's actually really funny. By the end of it all, the film is barely recognizable to anything that really happened, which is funny, but limits any potential the film could've had on the rest of the season.

As this is all going on, we see small character moments. BoJack begins to believe Todd is aware of his earlier betrayal, leading to him confessing the truth, resulting in pissing Todd off. Diane is annoyed by Naomi, who eventually starts a brief relationship with BoJack. While everything eventually leads to Diane revealing she's finished an early draft of BoJack's novel, the result being BoJack displeased by what he reads, demanding Diane re-write it. Diane, trying to prove BoJack wrong, leaks the early chapters of the novel, resulting in BoJack firing her.

There are some funny bits all throughout, that I cannot deny. My issue with this episode, is that the more important beats, such as BoJack admitting he screwed Todd's performance, or Diane's early draft, feel insignificant compared to the stuff regarding the film, when it really should be the other way around. Funny episode, but it's decent at best.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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