Monday, June 5, 2017


 BoJack continues his downward spiral, while Diane's marriage speeds up.

Continuing from last episode's depressing end, BoJack and Diane part ways, feeling more awkward than ever. BoJack is more convinced than ever to end the marriage of Diane and Mr.Peanutbutter, while no one around him seems to understand why.

Todd follows BoJack per the norm, leading to him being Mr.Peanutbutter's personal driver. This eventually leads to Todd becoming Mr.Peanutbutter's best friend, a fun pairing that takes the show to funnier heights, though not at this episode. Princess Carolyn however, she has none of it, leading to her meeting Vincent Adultman, a character no one but BoJack seem to realize is just three kids in a trench coat. Hilarious stuff to be sure.

Trying his hardest to end the marriage, BoJack eventually hires character actress Margo Martindale yet again, this time as a bank robber. It's a funny cameo that eventually backfires, as Diane decides not to call off the wedding, but instead to speed it up. BoJack is at a loss, while Todd discovers the horrible truth. Noticing Margo from before, Todd, in a funny conspiracy sequence realizes BoJack planted Todd's failure earlier in the season, leading to Todd slowly rebelling against BoJack.

Eventually BoJack fails to end the wedding, thus leaving us with BoJack having lost, despite reconciling with Diane. BoJack, with nothing else that he can possibly do, does what everyone told him earlier, talk to Vincent. Our episode closes with BoJack talking about what's going on with his life, while Vincent Adultman listens, a slightly happier ending the last two episodes gave us.

This episode is not as depressing as the last two episodes, but it does set the stage for the final episodes of the season. I found the whole episode pretty hilarious, granted so much of it just made our lead feel pathetic, but that's kinda the point. On a final note, I miss Vincent Adultman.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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