Thursday, June 1, 2017


 And with this episode, Hollywoo is born.

Following the last episode, we get a fine episode, it's nothing spectacular, but the jokes consistently land, plus, we get a fun backstory to why later episodes refer to the location as Hollywoo.

If there's one aspect here that feels incredibly weak, it's the BoJack and Mr.Peanutbutter rivalry, there's some fine jokes, don't get me wrong, but it's always felt out of character for Mr.Peanutbutter here. I understand why Mr.Peanutbutter acts so malicious here, but outside of providing a sad, disappointing loss for BoJack, the episode doesn't provide enough reason to make him a full on jerk here. The stuff with Todd though, that's just hilarious, even if it doesn't entirely fit with the rest of the episode.

It all starts with BoJack and Diane sharing jokes after arriving home, Mr.Peanutbutter displays worry that BoJack may be wooing Diane away from him. After a heated display of showing off leads to BoJack buying a restaurant, Mr.Peanutbutter takes Diane home, BoJack however, remains drunk at his new restaurant (oh yeah, another running story thread started here). The following morning is filled with the news of the Hollywood sign missing the "d", quickly realizing he's responsible, BoJack tries to cover this up.

Meanwhile, Todd is in jail as a result of the last episode. There's a lot of funny stuff here, especially with Todd stuck between two gangs, but as mentioned before, this doesn't quite mesh with the rest of the episode quite right. It's funny, I especially laughed at the prison having a prom like scenario for the gangs, but I'm not too surprised that I had partially forgot about this plot.

Back to the "D" story, Mr.Peanutbutter quickly deduces BoJack stole the letter for Diane, or rather BoJack told him while he was drunk on the phone. This results in Mr.Peanutbutter deciding to steal BoJack's thunder, by taking the blame for the situation, as well as the reason behind it. Eventually BoJack decides to call Diane, explaining his feelings towards her, but as the voicemail is left, Mr.Peanutbutter proposes to Diane, news that leaves BoJack so depressed, he decides to tell Diane to ignore his emotional message. 

This is a funny episode, one that sets up some great bits of information that become prominent in the show, but I do feel it's somehow weaker than it ought to be. A fun episode, even if it's not great.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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