Tuesday, June 6, 2017


 BoJack tries to write his own book after Diane's leaked copy embarrasses him. The results are disastrous.

After the last episode, this one gets right back on track, with one of the more depressing and stranger episodes of the series. With nothing more hurtful than seeing himself as a terrible person, BoJack's journey into his own mind is probably the most surreal the show has ever gotten. The animation is top notch here, while the emotional weight is perhaps at its highest its ever been up to this point, let's get into the episode.

BoJack and Diane are meeting with the publisher, everyone seems to love the book, except for BoJack himself. Always the impulsive one, BoJack promises to write a new novel by the weekend, which is the deadline of the book. In a funny little scene, BoJack keeps distracting himself from actually writing the novel, which eventually leads to him calling in the help of Todd and Sarah Lynn.

After a funny gag involving Sarah Lynn's Doctor Hu (say the name out loud), the three get as much drugs as they can to finish the book. The result of their drug use leads to an extended trip out scene, wherein BoJack imagines all manner of things, shoot outs, his two friends switching clothes, Diane as a Peanuts character, even an alternate reality wherein he decided to live with Charlotte. It's all funny, frightening and touching, with of course a dash of the show's depressing nature. It all comes crashing down, with BoJack sending out a copy of what he wrote to Princess Carolyn.

Upon the reveal that he has nothing substantial in his writing, BoJack gives up. BoJack confronts Diane at a panel for ghost writers, asking her if there's any hope left for him, ending with the depressing reminder that he is the horse from "Horsin' Around". It's a depressing end with a slight chuckle that leaves little hope for our hero.

This is a spectacular episode, perhaps one of the best of the series. It's absurd, funny and just absolutely destroys first time viewers, it's hard to actually name a single thing this episode does wrong. Highly recommended, for new fans, as well as longtime fans to check out every now and then.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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