Monday, June 26, 2017


 And now we enter season 3.

While BoJack's performance was completely edited out of "Secretariat", I find it interesting to see his biggest concern of the episode is moving forward. One thing that has plagued our horse star, is his reluctance to move forward from his "Horsin' Around" days, clinging on to it, never acknowledging the cheesiness of the show. Admitting such things, seems to only bring sadness to our hero, who finally got to see himself play his hero, even if it was inaccurate and just a CG recreation of his face on another actor's body. Let's get to the episode itself.

We begin with a series of interviews, each tiring, as well as repetitive, for BoJack, that is, until one common question starts angering him, the question being one that trashes his old show. No matter how much he hears it, BoJack can't find himself agreeing with the notion of "Horsin' Around" being a bad show.

Some down time in New York introduces us to Jill Pill, a playwright BoJack has met before. Jill, has been asking for BoJack since the last season if you remember, wanting him to star in her next play, which BoJack refuses as he remains unsure of where his life can go after the awards season.

We get a few subplots as BoJack's journey to move forward continues. Todd, in his predictable, wacky escapades, found himself in New York, wandering lost on the motel BoJack stays in. While Princess Carolyn is starting her business up, J.D. Salinger cancels his show on Hollywoo stars, resulting in Mr.Peanutbutter going back to his accountent, to get a new idea. The scene in which Mr.Peanutbutter gets his accountant is one of the funniest I've ever seen from the show by the way.

Back to the main plot. BoJack, eventually does an interview for "Manatee Fair",  something that his new publicist Ana Spanakopita, voiced by Angela Basset, finds troubling. Eventually BoJack and the interviewer get drunk enough for sex, resulting in BoJack revealing critical information on the truth of his performance. By the time the next day rolls by, Ana reveals she has fixed whatever issue might have arisen from BoJack's mistake. As the episode closes, BoJack uncomfortably accepts "Horsin' Around" is bad, as well as the wrong representation of his talent.

Will Arnett is as terrific as ever in this episode, BoJack is truly a highlight for his career. It's the motions we get through in this episode that impress me, so yes, season 3 gets off on a great start.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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