Tuesday, June 6, 2017


 Months after the release of BoJack's novel, everything seems normal.

This feels less like an episode and more like a series of clips setting up the next season, no really. It's a cute episode, make no mistake of that, but by the end there's really not much in the way of a plot, just hope for things to get better. Inevitably, no, the depression doesn't end, but it's nice to see a season end with a lot of hope for our cast.

Beginning months after the release of the novel, we see BoJack win a golden globe. Just to be clear, BoJack's award was for his novel, despite the award being movie based, nice jab at the globes not bothering to watch films. Anyway, BoJack celebrates the love he's gotten for his book, while Princess Carolyn expresses a loss of interest for Vincent Adultman. 

Meanwhile, Todd and Mr.Peanutbutter have teamed up to create new business ventures. BoJack finds the ideas of "moods you can drink like smoothies" and a store designed for Halloween, only open on January to be ridiculous, but Todd and Mr.Peanutbutter persist. 

No time to handle that though, as a new Secretariat movie is in the works. Diane, who is now stalked by the paparazzi, is called to do a biography on a world famous adventurer, only to also get a job as character consultant for Secretariat. BoJack also tries to get in on the movie, playing lead character, Secretariat, but is initially denied, only to be approved when the first choice, Andrew Garfield, gets into an accident involving one of Todd's and Mr.Peanutbutter's crazy ideas. BoJack, now seeing the inspiration he's created, looks to the future with hope.

I laughed more than a few times to be sure, the Vincent Adultman stuff is always funny, even as BoJack awaits for someone else to notice the truth there. I enjoyed the crazy business ventures, and even seeing some set up for future plots was interesting, but it does make the episode feel a little hollow, given  that it's more or less, just a set up episode, but it's still a fun way to end the season as we enter the next season.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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