Wednesday, July 5, 2017


 And the Oscar (nomination) goes to...

BoJack Horseman is on a roll here, this is just another great episode, with a depressing end. There's a lot to take in here, so much for the existentialism in all of us, with little in the way of hope for our cast.

The episode begins with BoJack finding out he's been nominated for an Oscar, which he quickly realizes the fact of that, doesn't cheer him up. Ana decides to start running the campaign to win, while BoJack parties to celebrate the nomination. Diane arrives to congratulate BoJack, but it all quickly turns into an argument between the two. Eventually as the party rages on, BoJack crashes in his pool (mirroring the show's opening), resulting in Mr.Peanutbutter saving him.

Mr.Peanutbutter soon reveals that there's actually more to the nomination than he believes. We flashback to earlier, as Mr.Peanutbutter was suffering dread over the possible loss of his brother. It turns out Mr.Peanutbutter took the Oscar (announcements) hosting gig, just to please his brother (as well as after Jimmy Fallon fell for a classic running gag). Right before they started though, Mr.Peanutbutter lost the envelope with the nominees, shortly upon hearing Captain Peanutbutter would be ok. That loss, resulted in Mr.Peanutbutter and Todd making up the nominees, with Mr.Peanutbutter revealing Todd didn't want to nominate BoJack, as well as the eventual reveal that BoJack wasn't even nominated.

Meanwhile, due to last episode's events, Princess Carolyn closes her company down, resulting in her deciding to call up her last date for more, there's a charming story he tells her, before we see her happiness of course. Diane on the other hand, struggles to accept some things BoJack stated during their argument.

Back to BoJack, his home is a mess, along with his life. Ana no longer talks to him, while he dreads over not getting the nomination. Eventually Todd stops by, which BoJack tries to take the high ground so they could hang out and be distracted, but Todd has none of it. Things heat up when BoJack reveals he slept with Emily, resulting in Todd finally calling out BoJack on his horrible tendencies. The episode closes with Todd delivering one of the most depressing speeches of the show.

An absolute favorite of mines, this episode is perfect in so many ways, but it's the closing moments that really make it land, the most amazing thing though, is that the next two episodes manage to build on this and top it.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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