Thursday, July 6, 2017


And as we reach what's currently the last episode of the show, all I can say is I can't stop applauding and waiting for the next.

Each season of this show just gets better than the last, it's almost frightening how depressing this show can get. The last two season finales offered hope, here, I'm not quite sure if there is any, sure the last shot suggests it, but can we truly expect BoJack to be happy next season? I doubt it.

The episode begins with a depressing flashback to 2007, Sarah Lynn is overjoyed to see BoJack again, but once BoJack reveals he only met with her for his show, she quickly loses all joy, seemingly destroyed in her faith in the world. We cut to modern day, BoJack blaming himself for Sarah Lynn's death. Diane joins BoJack, admitting to him that she actually was a fan of "Horsin' Around", thus convincing him to do "Ethan Around".

Meanwhile, Margo Martindale crashes into a boat carrying spaghetti, while the reflection off of a blimp for "Secretariat" heats it up, resulting in the underwater city we saw in the "silent" episode, being in danger. Mr.Peanutbutter saves the day though, with the help of Cabracadabra as well as all the strainers he had at home (it paid off!). This makes many companies interested in buying off Cabracadabra, which eventually leads to Todd and Emily being millionaires.

As BoJack begins to work on "Ethan Around", we find that he's much happier, that is until a young co-star reveals she wants to be like him. BoJack leaves the studio in a hurry, freaking out in the process. From here the episode wonderfully sets up what to expect next season.

Princess Carolyn has become a manager, opening up her business with that in mind. Diane works for a blog, Mr.Peanutbutter is offered the chance to become governor, Todd lost his money, but reveals to Emily that he's not sure he's attracted to anything. While BoJack drives off in the desert, ready for death. In the end though, he is stopped by the view of wild stallions, roaming the land, BoJack stares, with a hint of hope in his eyes, but can he ever truly become better?

This is a magnificent way to close the season, while also being one of the best episodes of the show. I highly recommend you watch this show now and prepare for season 4, which I'm sure will be just as depressing.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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