Tuesday, July 4, 2017


 Happy New Years! Wait is it a different holiday?

This episode is very much setting up the end of the season, yet compared to prior episodes that do the same, I feel this one actually does it much better. Largely because it doesn't just fill like filler sowing one last plot thread. It's a fun episode, with hope sinking for our main cast, slowly but surely.

The episode begins with a rival agency to Princess Carolyn, it's run by Vanessa Gecko and Rutabaga, they've got the scoop on a new blockbuster looking for a horse lead. Princess Carolyn hears about this, resulting in her trying to get BoJack on the role.

Meanwhile, Mr.Peanutbutter, along with Diane, visit Mr.Peanutbutter's brother, Captain Peanutbutter, voiced charmingly by Weird Al Yankovic. Diane instantly picks up something is wrong, but Mr.Peanutbutter doesn't want to believe in that.

Also going on, Cabracadabra is booming. Todd decides the business needs to expand, resulting in men joining as clients, which inevitably creates a hostile environment for the women drivers.

Back to BoJack, two more job offers pop up. The first is that of his former co-star Bradley, deciding to do a follow-up show to "Horsin' Around" called "Ethan Around". Adam Conover is always fun to hear as who is essentially the show's biggest loser, but it's the amount of flack he eventually gets from Ana, after BoJack decides not to the show that is just perfect.

The second job involves Kelsey wanting BoJack to star in an independent feature. BoJack agrees, but Princess Carolyn would rather he do the blockbuster. Eventually Princess Carolyn, feeling triumphant  as she knows an assistant on the blockbuster film, demands too much money for the indie feature, resulting in that job being lost, as well as Kelsey hating BoJack. This ends up backfiring though, as Vanessa reveals to the assistant that Princess Carolyn never wanted her to advance in her original job, resulting in BoJack getting nothing.

Thus, the episode ends with all parties damaged. BoJack lost all jobs, as well as a friend, Princess Carolyn effectively lost all potential chances for her company succeeding, Mr.Peanutbutter hears sad news about his brother, Todd is hiring strippers for Cabracadabra, so his original goal is no longer the same. The only group making it out happy, is Rutabaga and Vanessa, such a tragic blow.

This is a great episode, and while it clearly is meant to set up a lot for the final episodes this season, it's honestly done very well. This episode feels like a proper story, it's hilarious and depressing, which is what we all expect from this show.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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