Thursday, July 6, 2017


Well, at the end of the day, what else can we say but, "that's too much man"...

This is yet another excellent episode that gets as bleak as you can get. While I don't consider anything here to be more fucked up than last season's penultimate episode's climax, I will say it gets much more depressing. At this point things are pretty clear, granted they have been, but BoJack is without a doubt a monster. While he has his finer moments, this episode presents that he does nothing but ruins others, sucking them into a mess, even when he offers hope, he will destroy others.

Starting with the plot, we see Sarah Lynn has been sober, that is, until BoJack decides to go on an epic drug bender with her. Not caring for the world, BoJack wants to just drug himself into pure joy, which eventually leads to the two drugged out at an AA meeting. BoJack reveals to the group what he did with Penny last season, but blanks out, waking up with Sarah Lynn who informs him that he depressed the AA meeting into closing early.

Shortly after, Sarah Lynn convinces BoJack to make amends to feel better about himself. BoJack makes "amends" with the main cast, each "amends" becoming more depressing than the last. Eventually he confronts Ana, who tells a story (repeatedly as BoJack keeps blanking out) about a lesson she learned as a lifeguard "some people just don't want to be saved, they will just try to drag you down with them". Things take a turn for the worst, when BoJack decides to see how Penny is doing, accidentally opening up the pain of the past.

Soon after, Sarah Lynn finds a packet of "BoJack Kills" the drug from earlier in the season, which she takes. BoJack shares a sentimental speech with her, that she seemingly ignores, but she finds herself depressed when she finds out she won an Oscar, yet, the win does nothing to change how she feels. BoJack decides to cheer her up by indulging one of her own desires, shortly after Sarah Lynn shares her dream job. As BoJack provides an uplifting speech for her, we quickly realize what BoJack realizes as the episode goes black, she's dead.

This is an amazing episode, in what's been a run of excellent episodes. While it's preferred to watch this show in order, this is an easy episode to jump into, if you want to convince a friend of how deep/dark this show can be.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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