Wednesday, July 5, 2017


At long last, BoJack pushes away the person who has been there the longest for him.

This is both hilarious and depressing, so yeah, another winner for BoJack. I especially like how the episode pretty much stays in the same setting all throughout, no subplots, at least none that go elsewhere, just this long, depressing message of BoJack pushing one of his closest friends away. The jokes of course roll in, largely as BoJack's restaurant (oh yeah, he bought it way back) falls apart.

The episode begins with BoJack awaiting Princess Carolyn in his restaurant, Princess Carolyn knows why, but tries avoiding the topic. After a brief cut to Princess Carolyn in the restroom (a funny gag that comes up again later develops here), she returns to her table, where BoJack decides to cut to the chase, he's firing her. This leads to a misunderstanding from a chef, resulting in him getting fired as well, while Princess Carolyn tries convincing BoJack to keep her. Inevitably leading to the two arguing throughout most of the episode.

As BoJack and Princess Carolyn argue, the restaurant loses most of its staff. Eventually Princess Carolyn practically taunts BoJack for cutting her off, while acknowledging BoJack will only listen to negative criticism, even after she tells him a lot of positive things. After BoJack realizes his restaurant is pretty much dying as a critic awaits her food, Princess Carolyn decides to leave. Momentarily of course, as she soon returns to help the failing restaurant. After the critic leaves, BoJack and Princess Carolyn reminisce over some nice memories, Princess Carolyn makes one last plea to keep BoJack, which BoJack denies.

This is a fantastic episode, funny but a little tragic, there's a lot to love here. I especially like that BoJack had a somewhat selfless reason to fire Princess Carolyn, it wasn't just out of spite over the deals that fell through, he essentially wants to stop hurting her. We inch closer to the finale, which can only get worse.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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