Sunday, January 1, 2017


And January of Suck is back, what's January of Suck? Well, last January I saw one bad film every day of the month, just one, that I had not yet seen, then I'd write my thoughts on it. Last time I only shared said thoughts through Instagram, but this time I'm doing "mini" reviews here on my blog. 

If you missed out on last year's run, relax, I'll be compiling all thoughts on here in a separate post soon, until then, here's my short review on Breakin' 2:Electric Boogaloo.

Upfront, this movie feels like a time capsule of the 80's, not a great one, not even a good one mind you, but that's what it is. The entire time as this ran I kept thinking, if someone gets enjoyment out of this I'd imagine it's only for the nostalgia. So do I recommend this as a nostalgic piece? Not really, there's little plot, and what plot there is in here is nothing original (stop a mall from taking over a public hangout), which makes this a long sit through.

Admittedly, this movie isn't meant for us to analyze the plot, or even the actors, it's meant to be a showcase for some nice dance choreography and... Okay, the dancing is kinda fun to watch, but it's tiresome. There's only so many times we can see the Electric Boogaloo, among other styles of dance, before it all becomes a chore, making this feel less like a movie and more like a compilation of dance videos, which would be fine if there were better songs or visuals accompanying the dance moves, but there never is. When your highlight becomes the only thing you offer, yes it all can become a boring and frustrating sit through, I like the 80's, I love seeing cool dance moves on screen, but this movie does the bare minimum for all the dance scenes, while never doing anything of note outside of that.

On the bright side, I guess this movie never goes too awful, it is a tiring movie to watch all the way through, sure, but I wasn't offended... Okay I actually felt a bit annoyed by one of the characters. I've mentioned before I have roots in Mexico, and so does one character here, she's not the worst representation of my people, but it did feel a bit stereotypical. Thankfully she's not in the movie a whole lot, so she didn't push the movie into a really awful territory, but it was something that stood out for me.

Definitely skip Breakin' 2, it's not a worthwhile sit through, yes, even if you find the words "Electric Boogaloo" funny.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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