Tuesday, January 24, 2017



Yes, this is by no means a perfect movie, it's not even great, but I actually did laugh at some of the gags throughout the film, they weren't all winners, but yeah, I was engaged. Last Action Hero, is a silly film, it's meant to be, it works, for the most part and that is something I just cannot believe this late in the month, but here we are. 

The plot is your basic action film, tropes and all, but one major twist, a young fan goes into the film, pointing it all out to the action hero (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger because of course),it's a gag that works, even if it is a bit long at times. Everyone involve is fun in their roles, with the lone exception being the child star, he's not bad, but he can be incredibly whiny, it's grating in a few scenes, but it doesn't hurt the film enough to make me dislike it.

The film even goes into a brief existential crisis in the third act, it's probably where the film lags the most, but I appreciated it all the same, I mean, it at least tried going further with its concept, not a whole lot of movies try being smarter than the initial gag. I really did appreciate the film, it almost makes me wonder why it is trashed, sure it's no masterpiece, but it is a fun movie, there is joy, there is intelligence, even if it's not much.

This is a funny film, maybe not the smartest, or the funniest, but I enjoyed it, the movie is a bit shy from being a great spoof, but it gets creative enough to put a smile on you. Whether, it's the hero or the villain (who steals the film) Last Action Hero is a genuine recommendation from me.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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