Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Little basterds worshipping the Third-Reich feels pretty relevant these days, not sure why.

Tomorrow the World, is surprisingly not bad, it's not good either, but holy crap, it's close to decent, nothing has come this genuinely close as this as so far this month. The movie presents a good concept, but the "aw shucks" tone that accompanies it is just too much to properly balance this film, still it basically works. I'm not kidding, Tomorrow the World is a movie I genuinely enjoyed to a basic degree, it's no masterpiece, but after movies shaming me for not believing in Christ, or unfunny messes starring rapists, prehistoric creatures, squirrels and even porn parodies of Donald Duck, I kinda found myself intrigued here.

The plot, in case you were wondering, involves a boy raised in Nazi, Germany, coming to live in the U.S. after his father has been murdered for defying Hitler. This demented boy tries to manipulate everything in his favor, no one seems to fall for it, at least at first, but he soon proves to be a real threat.

It's a great concept, after all how do you deal with evil, when the person is so young? Is he truly evil, or is he the product of evil, we get that from the story, but sadly, the concept is undermined by the tone either being too playful, or over dramatic in comparison to what's going on. It's a product of its time sadly, but the idea could work in a better movie. Still, I think this holds up well, just not as well if the movie were better.

I just can't complain, at its worst, this is unintentionally funny, at its best, it's a solid topic for a film to tackle. The lead actor is fun as the over the top, Nazi child Emil, but everyone else plays their parts well enough to keep the show going, even when Emil is off-screen. This isn't a must watch, but if you end up watching it, you might find some joy.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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