Thursday, January 5, 2017


Yesterday I learned that God was not dead, today on January of Suck, I've learned that Ice Age is immortal... GODDAMIT!!!!

Okay, so we've all come to accept that this franchise is only worth watching for the Scrat segments right? No one cares about the main cast, a trend that remains true in the latest installment. Yeah, I enjoyed the Scrat scenes, they're funny, whatever, don't be mad at me.

If this were just Scrat scenes than maybe I wouldn't even feature this here, but sadly, our heroes have to take up the film. Side Note, it feels like Scrat's in this one a lot less than the other films, which does add to the pain. 

This time our heroes must stop a comet because... That's one form of end of the world destruction that these movies have yet to use for their franchise I guess. Along the way Manny has issues of letting go of his daughter, Diego wants to be a dad, their female counterparts agree, Sid wants a girlfriend cause everyone else has one, while Buck desperately tries to save the world and this movie.

What's funny is that the Diego subplot is brought up, but forgotten until the very end, Sid's is as well, though at least his third act business gives him more time for his subplot. Manny is just an annoying sitcom dad all throughout, the women have little to offer here, and the weasel twins are there to provide the "funny" jokes for kids. Buck tries to add some absurd humor to the movie, his voice, Simon Pegg, tries hard to give him a likable energy, but surrounded by everything else it just gets ruined. None of this has any impact, it's in one ear, out the other.

Look, at the end of the day, my opinion here means so little, the Scrat business is funny as always, the animation is top notch, Buck tries to rescue the movie (which makes this feel like a repeat of the third movie), but the main cast is just too huge, annoying and the film lacks enough material to make the subplots well told. Yet, how well told this is doesn't matter, it's harmless enough to watch, kids will get a kick out of it, their brains won't rot, I just imagine they won't cling to it as they grow up. So, considering everything, this is the best movie in this January of Suck run so far, crap! Let's move along.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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