Friday, January 27, 2017


It's the movie that killed Mike Myers' career, but is it as bad as people say it is?

Yes, of course why would you even ask that? The Love Guru is more than just bad, it's awful.

Putting the pretty offensive racist caricatures (understatement) aside, the jokes in this movie just fall so flat, you have to honestly wonder who this was written for. Some jokes are too childish for adults to find funny (Mike's books in the films are all based on kid insults, like the ever popular "I know you are, but what am I?"), while others are too sexual for kids to fully get, but once they do I just wouldn't believe that they would still find it funny. 

Mariska Hargity is meant to be an incredibly funny gag here, why? Because her name "sounds funny" I suppose, nothing against her, but this isn't a joke, it's just an annoying name drop, which makes up a lot of the jokes here.

This all builds to a movie that is too immature for adults, but too mature for kids, who was the target audience!? Dumb voices and silly names do not make for great comedies, we should know this by now, and considering the lack of money this received, I feel confident saying no one thought it was funny.

There's not much to say, but this movie is not funny, it's annoying and was rightly forgotten by most, the only reason I bothered to remember was because I'm dumb enough to bother checking this out for a bad movie month.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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