Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Sausage Party isn't the only movie about Supermarket products...
I started "January of Suck" last year to both get more acquainted with bad films, and boost the number of bad films I'd seen from the previous year for a proper top ten worst. Foodfight! Was always meant to be a part of the schedule, but somehow I missed it last year, now I'm starting to wish I missed it this year too.

This isn't as awful as Advent Children, or God's Not Dead, but it's up there. I suppose the poor animation here both hurts and helps the film, but it mostly hurts to watch; it helps however when you realize the characters are twitching around in the background, resulting in some really awkward scenes that are pretty funny in the absurdity of the movement on display. Keep in mind, this had a higher budget than the original Toy Story, the movie wastes millions just to look like a poorly animated PS2 cutscene, that's laughably embarrassing.

Oh well, maybe the story is good enough to fall-NO, I sincerely could not follow what the movie was doing half the time. Sure, the story is simple enough to follow, evil brand comes to supermarket, destroys good brands to replace them, simple, but the logic from point a, to point b is odd in so many ways, I almost wondered if I had missed scenes. Early on we are told that the "Ikes" (Icons) of the products come out at night to relax (think Wreck-it Ralph's arcade), but where do they go during the day? Why does the store change during the day? Are they in an alternate dimension? Why do they live at all? What is their purpose? Why am I asking so much in the first few minutes? We never get the answer, just more questions about the logic in all this, which could've been forgivable if this were any good, but it's not.

The film instead offers bad jokes that are based in lame puns, crude humor, sexual advances, and racism. I'm not joking here, some of these jokes get on the sexual side of things, they're awkward ("are those melons real?") and not funny, but at least they're not as offensive as giving a dragon a very stereotypical Asian accent, or having the Count Chocula stand-in being portrayed as a creep out to get some chocolate ass (kudos on featuring a gay character, but could you have refrained from making him insulting?).

On top of all this, am I the only person a little disturbed that Charlie Sheen is after Hillary Duff in this? Yes I know they're voicing adults, I'm assuming Duff was an adult by this point, but the voice and designs for both characters feel wrong; like an adult is dating a teen wrong. 

Look, you watch what you watch, I don't give a damn (or spam as this film says....ehhhhhhh) but, you should avoid this junk at all costs, it rots the brain.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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