Monday, January 22, 2018


Look, we all know this sucks, so let's just get it over with yeah? No need to prolong it. 

The shitty remake to a beloved classic fails to live up to the beloved classic, but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a passion to it. This is wrong on multiple levels, yes it at least isn't a clone of the original, but that doesn't excuse the lazy writing and jokes, but Steve Martin is clearly trying, which makes this a little less painful. Trying though, isn't exactly succeeding, while it's true that Martin is giving his all here, it's also true that the character he creates (which is definitely not Inspector Clouseau) isn't all that funny. I got a few chuckles, I'll give him that much, with a better script I could've even laughed hard, but I'm judging on what's presented and what's there is more akin to a preschool inspector than the comedic style of Peter Sellers, which is a shame.

As I sat through this unfunny garbage that could easily pass for a Disney straight-to-video film, I did find one thing I genuinely enjoyed, the animation. Before you hunt this film down, I'll save you some time, it's only in the opening credits, which I should give props to the people behind this for, they paid homage right in one way. If you seen the opening credit segment of the original film, as well as any cartoon featuring the Pink Panther himself, you know exactly what to expect, the jazzy music, the cool animation, all that good stuff, shame it's in this.

So yeah, if you thought The Pink Panther remake would suck, congrats, you were right, I hope you enjoy the knowledge that it does.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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