Thursday, January 18, 2018


Well, it can't be worse than the one with the kid making Big Macs.
Animation is a beautiful thing, animation can create worlds we'll never truly experience in the real world, animation can still create mistakes like Quest For Camelot. Obviously made to cash in on Disney, there really is not much that stands out for this film, besides it being the exact bad version of what it wants to be, assuming the studio hoped it'd be a great, highly regarded film. So much of this obviously tries to sell you toys, doesn't care too much about the material it's working with, while having animation with so little passion. As many bad animated films as there are now, I can't deny I'm glad studios have moved away from trying to copy the classic Disney style of storytelling.

While at first, you may be fooled into thinking this has some pretty good animation, as I was, you'll quickly realize a lot of it is rather poorly made. The models may look pretty (though derivative) but once you see it in motion it can all get rather stiff, not to the point where there's hardly any motion, but enough to notice and lose interest. One thing I actually got eager to look forward to because of this, were the songs, they weren't good (okay two songs are fine) but you can tell a budget was placed, in fact, count how many times the characters get their mouths obscured, you'll notice it's an awful lot. The only exception to the passionless animation is the two-headed dragon, who are annoying to be sure (not as annoying as axe-chicken though), but you can actually see their mouths throughout most of their song, with some decent expressions and motions in the rest of the film, I wonder why they got all the passion.

This is just a dull movie, that honestly insults the Arthurian legend worse than anything Disney has ever messed with. While it's true that Disney often changes fairytales, novels and even history to fit their animation mold, You can at least tell they're coming from a place where they still want to tell a great story on the subject, even if it doesn't succeed. For example, Pocahontas is not a good movie, it is insulting to history, but there is a passion to it, Disney was trying to tell a grand story (however inaccurate) on Pocahontas, this movie uses Arthur as a backdrop to set up it's merchandise, so little even acknowledges what is the inspiration. You can insult Disney all you want for it's changes to classic tales, but at least I know their take on the Arthurian legend is about Arthur, I often forgot that this movie was set in that world.

One more thing before I go, the film's villain has one of the worst songs in film history, that is all, fuck Quest for Camelot.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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