Friday, January 12, 2018


Thor was a remake???!?!?
Never heard of this movie? It's not surprising as it was the first and only performance of Arnold Strong, his career was terminated after this. Despite the glaring typo on the movie's box art, Hercules in New York starred Arnold Strong as Hercules, who in this movie goes to Earth, specifically New York, while his father Zeus tries to teach him a lesson. Along the way he becomes friends with dorky loser played by Arnold Stang, who honestly feels like a love interest by the end. The rest of the movie is just a series of gags, sometimes coming from the misunderstandings that Herc has on Earth, at other times it's just seeing Zeus and the Gods bicker on what's clearly a Park and not Mount Olympus. 

Just so we're clear, the version I watched features a majority of the original voices, and by voices I really just mean Arnold Strong's, who was originally dubbed due to his thick accent. You'll notice I said a majority, as Hercules still gets dubbed over during a farewell sequence, it could've been forgivable had they acknowledged the radio made his voice sound different, but his friend notices it's Herc talking to him, which is odd as the voice sounds nothing alike. That being said, the film correctly identifies Arnold Strong, which just makes that typo on the box even weirder.

I was mostly bored throughout this film, as the jokes are pretty standard, but to it's credit, I wasn't mad. It's a cute fun fact and nothing more, with  little reason to actually rewatch it, but if you do like it, just find a cheap copy,it's easy to find. Just dont expect much life on the finished product, it's that bad.

Arnold Strong may have muscles, but he has no acting skills.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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