Monday, January 8, 2018


Ever wanted to fuck a Nazi with tits? Oh yeah, kids, sit this out okay?
Upfront, no this isn't a good movie, it's not even a good sexploitation film (the fancy way of saying porn, basically) unless you have a very specific kink, known as Nazi fucking, which according to our modern political climate... shit, there's a good chunk who do.

In all seriousness though, Ilsa:She Wolf of the SS is not a good movie, at all. It has it's fans sure, after all this has been parodied by the exploitation homage film, GrindHouse, but the gore and sex found within never caught my interest. That's not to say it's forgettable, what film featuring a nude woman standing on a table as she's technically being hanged is forgettable after all? The movie is at best cute (I'm using that very loosely), its edgy because it features buxom Nazi women, the title character is one, but the plot is a basic torture film with kinks thrown in.

I'll admit I had to look up online to make sure why this was going on, as by the end I pretty much forgot the whole reason Ilsa conducted these "experiments". It's pretty much all just to prove to Hitler that women should fight with Germany, which okay, you're now a female empowerment film, sure. Of course if you want to claim this as your feminist film, Ilsa fucks a lot, which isn't necessarily bad, but just remember this is all for the men, she's not a horny nympho to empower women is what I'm saying.

The only reason you'd love this (assuming you're not some alt-right trash) is to see the kinky sex stuff and tits. Speaking of kinky sex stuff and tits, you know those things are easy to find right? Like that's the number one reason people go online, there's loads of sites that offers this stuff. Anyway, the movie is awful and I hope no one I know actually gets turned on by this.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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