Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I've often heard this is the worst, or among the worst Dragon Ball films but honestly I just thought it was average. Bio-Broly, caps of the trilogy of DBZ films that featured Broly as the main antagonist, which naturally means it's the most bizarre because after two deaths, where can you go with a one note brute of a character? Cloning apparently.

I honestly didn't see much reason for this being that awful, it's pretty boring and repetitive sure, but there was charm throughout it. A lot of this movie focuses on 18 collecting her money from the cowardly Mr.Satan (yes his name is still unintentionally hilarious), who continues to avoid his promises, it's a pretty funny sub-plot. Along the way Mr.Satan gets taken to an island with bio-warriors, which is derivative of a better DBZ film, but it's harmless and still offers some fun jokes between 18 and Satan. The film's title character eventually shows up and despite being even more one-dimensional than before, it's kinda fitting, this is a clone of Broly, not the real deal so it makes sense that there's barely a thought in it's mind. Where Broly's reappearance really fails, is that they offer too many fake-outs on his defeat, by the time he re-appeared for the final blow I just wanted it all to end. All this being said, yeah I still enjoyed some stuff here, even Broly's redesign as a sludge monster I thought was pretty cool and horror like.

If I had to peg down the worst aspect in the film, it's Trunks and Goten, the kids have just never been that interesting to me. I'll admit there's a cute moment or two between our two leads, but more often than not they're just your typical kids with super strength, they're just not interesting as leads. That so much focuses on these two, rather than the more interesting 18/Mr.Satan dynamic is disappointing. On the other hand, I will admit the use of wit to defeat the issue at hand from the two is good, sometimes just being stronger is a boring reason to win.

It's not exactly good, but I can't see any reason to warn people of this one, Bio-Broly is harmless as it turns out.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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