Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I was right! (Kinda)
Well this definitely was the best season finale the show has had since season one, that much I guarantee. While the season began going downhill towards the end, I honestly think that ending it here was for the best. For me, it's often better a show end a season in a way that doesn't leave it feeling unfinished, in case the show isn't given another season, but seeing that there's already another season makes this a more acceptable end, especially as it sets the stage for some more intense stories to come.

The episode begins with Steven presenting the news of Connie's kidnapping to the Gems, who fear the powerful foes they expect to meet. Steven, believes Connie to have sent a message to him, indicating where they might be, so they arrive to the theme park and confront Aquamarine who is the actual one to send the message. A fight ensues, but the Gems are overpowered, leading to the reveal of why the kidnappings took place, back in season one, Steven brought up a list of humans to Peridot, who reported them to Yellow Diamond, so it turns out to have been his fault all along. While Aquamarine keeps asking for a "My Dad" it turns out it was indirectly referring to Greg, but Steven says he is "My Dad" as an escape plan. The escape goes incredibly bad, with everyone barely escaping, but Aquamarine still holds power, resulting in Steven deciding to admit that he is Rose Quartz, ending with him turning himself in to save the others, closing our episode with his departure. The Gems are sad, the humans unaware of what's going on and Sadie possibly left feeling betrayed by Lars who abandoned her when she needed him.

What an amazing way to close the season, leaving me pumped to see what happens next, and if there's gonna be much for Steven to do going forward. The action is fine, but the emotion is what kept me hooked, if I were not invested in seeing these characters survive, this would've fallen flat, thankfully this episode succeeds because we care about what happens. I'm not sure if the next season is planned to be the last, but seeing where this show is going now, I honestly have to believe we're nearing the end of the series, if so, I hope the momentum is kept.

Easily the best season finale the show has had since season one, I'm excited to see where this goes soon. Thanks for reading these reviews, I'll be returning very soon with reviews for season 5, at which point I will be close to where the show currently is. Once I'm caught up, expect these reviews to arrive shortly after new episodes are released, until then, I'll leave with my score for this season.

3 OUT OF 4

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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