Monday, November 13, 2017


Next week on Steven Universe Babies....
Again, we get another cute episode about letting go of the past, which is starting to feel like a theme of the season. In this episode's case, we see a story of the Gem's letting go of the past, that takes place in the past. Essentially, this episode is about accepting the passing of a loved one, with the Gems unable to cope with the idea that Steven isn't Rose. I know it sounds weird, but watching the episode makes for a cute but also sad episode, with the resolution being the acceptance of death.

A cold blizzard leaves Greg inside with Steven and the Crystal Gems, just as they relax, they reminisce of the days of Steven as a baby. We go back to Greg as a new father, caring for Steven at Vidalia's house while she was away. All is calm, until the Crystal Gems came to visit, Pearl very obviously bothered by the situation. They each provide gifts that are not at all helpful for Steven as an infant, but Greg makes light of the situation, deciding instead to show how easily Steven can be cheered up. That moment of joy leads to Steven's gem glowing, resulting in the Gems kidnapping baby Steven, each with their own theory of what's going on. Just as Pearl begins to move on forcing Steven's gem out, she finds she cannot, leading to the three accepting that Rose is gone and Steven must be raised as the different person he is.

Again, this is a cute episode, it's funny, charming and touching once it's all said and done. I do find these young Greg episodes get better as they go along, revealing deeper struggles, while also only conveying vital information, rather than a string of winks for fans of the show. I also like that it's here that we get all three Gems expressing sadness over the loss of Rose, sure it's happened before, which makes sense, but to see it while it was fresh adds an interesting perspective, they did care for Rose, and her loss meant something right from the start. Even if the episode isn't always heavy, looking into the details surrounding this cute story makes for a depressing truth underlying the adorable surface.

This is another hit for the season, so far I'm really digging what has been offered, cute, laidback tales that go deeper as you look closer.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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