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With Thor Ragnarok hitting the big screen, I figured I should do a ranking of all the MCU movies to date. There's 16 of them now (Thor Ragnarok will be left out for now, obviously) so let's get to it.


I'll be upfront, I don't think any of the MCU movies are bad, however this would be the closest we get to it. Sure, Thor:The Dark World has its fun moments, including a hilarious fight scene where Thor's hammer can't seem to find Thor, but when all is said and done it's incredibly forgettable, has the worst villain by far, and to really make things bad, the most memorable scene of the movie is a tease to Guardians.


Yup, both Thor films come at the bottom. It's strange, I do find myself liking a lot of the humor in these movies, but the action is pretty standard and the romance between Thor and Jane is among the least interesting of these films. One plus side this film has over its sequel though, is that it at least feels complete, as Dark World felt very rushed and cut all things considered. Also having a better villain, as well as less Darcy, easily the most annoying MCU character, are good perks as well.


Probably the most forgotten MCU film, The Incredible Hulk has its cool moments, but it just never stands out. The Hulk action is cool, I'll admit to thinking the villain is decent, but everything else is passable at best. It's funny because despite the previous Hulk feature being worse overall, the concept is actually more interesting than this one's. Still, it has its fun moments, it's not a drag, but it definitely earns a spot towards the end.


I know a lot of people like to put this one down but it actually some good points. Downey Jr. is great obviously, but there's a lot of good stuff besides him, Jon Favreau is a lot of fun as Happy, Black Widow has a cool action scene and Don Cheadle proves to be a good replacement for Terrence Howard. Perhaps the most underrated aspect of the film is the addition of Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer, he's a fun foil for Tony, acting as an evil, greedy version of Tony, he lacks all the style to back him up, as well as the skill to pilot an Iron suit, which makes him a fun villain to watch. Where the film does fail however, is the addition of Mickey Rourke, he's fine, but you can tell he was added on just to have an actor fight Iron Man, when Hammer's drones would've probably worked better overall. Plus, all The Avengers teasing and unnecessary information like the new element Tony creates makes the film an occasional slog.


I know a lot of people like putting this one higher up, but I'm sorry, being the first does not make it the best, or even one of the best. There's a lot of good acting on display, Robert Downey Jr. was like a breath of fresh air upon the release of this film back in '08. Even Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane is pretty fun, even if he's pretty forgettable overall. Also, yeah, that end credits stinger with Nick Fury is still one of the most awesome that the studio has produced. If there's one reason that this is low, is that it's incredibly restrained, I get that it's because it was the first, so a lot had to be held back, but the film being as grounded as it is just feels lacking after some crazier films in recent years.


Everyone loves to overlook this one, but Captain America:The First Avenger is a real gem among the early Marvel films, optimistic, fun and offering one of the more underrated villains in the franchise, it's a really good time. The film also features a really fun song from Alan Menken, which keeps you in that 1940's serial style, which is the film's greatest strength. Also great, Peggy Carter, who is still the best love interest in these movies, there's a reason we got a show on only one love interest to date. 


Again, I know a lot of people like ranking this higher, but I just can't, it's a ton of fun, but it's also so basic that it just can't get on the higher side of things, at least for me. The action is of course spectacular, with the character moments being some of the funniest, but the movie doesn't have much weight behind that, which is forgivable because it really was the first of its kind, but revisiting it years later does highlight the hollow feel of it. Still, Loki is a lot of fun, the team is great, and the film is iconic.


While a lot people like to put Age of Ultron as one of the bad ones, and in fairness I get why, I find the substance in it to be pretty strong. Yes, the movie was clearly cut pretty badly, I'll even admit that Ultron's plan was not the best, but the charisma brought in by James Spader is a ton of fun, and his final scene in the movie is one of the most mature sequences in any of these movies. Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch are also fun new additions to the team, while Hawkeye and the Hulk are fleshed out a bit more which helps. If there's one major downside, it's the cut scenes, sure the movie would've been longer, but the cut material seems like it would've made so much of the plot feel more natural. Still, the stronger character moments, the more substantial plot, and of course that awesome Hulkbuster scene make this one a stronger entry than its predecessor as far as I'm concerned.

And that's the end of Part One, we'll do the rest next week, until then, I hope to hear what you guys think was more fitting of these spots. Hope you read again soon.

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Written By Octaviano Macias

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