Tuesday, November 28, 2017


It's Greg they want isn't it?
So, after a few seasons we finally get a story arc to close the season that's actually pretty tense, no seriously it's probably the best since season one. Don't get me wrong, the last few season finales have been fine, the problem is that they never felt like finales, or brought out much hype to the season coming soon. I may not actually be at the season finale, but if this is what the first part to the end is like, I imagine we're getting something big. There's risks, a feeling of unease and uncertainty, I honestly hope the build up leads to a great finish for what's honestly been the most enjoyable season to sit through.

Steven waits for a package to be delivered, as the Gems share a cute day on the beach, upset by the lack of any mail, Steven goes to get donuts. On the way to the donut shop, we see Sour Cream with missing posters for Onion, leading to the realization that Lars and Sadie are missing, along with Jamie. As Steven panics over the news, we're introduced to a tiny Gem (Aquamarine) who asks "Are you my dad?" Steven of course is confused, which leads to him telling the Gems and Connie about the mysterious new Gem. They split into teams to find Aquamarine, who eventually reveals herself to Connie, asking the same question, which confuses Connie because it seems she is looking for someone named "My Dad". Another Gem is revealed, Topaz, which is a fusion of two Topaz's containing the missing people, trapping them during the act fusion; Connie is kidnapped as Steven gets unconscious by the end.

This is definitely a great episode, the tension of a lonely Beach City makes for a pretty creepy set up for this penultimate episode. While it does leave me wondering if more people have been kidnapped, which would explain why the place feels more empty than normal, the story benefits from it, it brings a creepy atmosphere to the proceeding story. I'm also intrigued by the mystery, why is this happening? Is Blue Diamond trying to get more humans for her zoo? Is "My Dad" Greg? I hope this episode is followed by a spectacular season finale.

I'm pumped to see what comes next, which is always the desired reaction for shows like this.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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