Friday, November 17, 2017


To answer my question about rescuing the zumens, nope!
And finally this arc is closed, with Steven and Greg having to escape in one, hard, open spot, it's like a classic Zelda game. That's an oversimplification but trust me this episode feels just as stressful, you want the heroes to escape, but it's obvious that it won't be easy. Granted, one of the charms of the episode is showing how kind some Gems can be, not all the Gems working for the Diamonds are careless, that's cool. As a closer for this arc though, I did feel like a bit was missing, even if I liked it overall.

Picking up from last time, Steven and Greg are taken by the Amethyst soldiers, they reveal that our Amethyst has befriended them, despite opening with a cruel prank for the two. As they hope to sneak the two out, Greg and Steven eventually find themselves stuck in a room with Blue Diamond, followed by Yellow Diamond. As the two see the Diamonds argue, they try escaping, their only help being a distracting song by Yellow, which is pretty good even if I mostly just remember the Pearls singing in it. After successfully evading them, the gang is almost back on the ship, free to go home, until Holly notices them that is. The Gems take her down quickly, blackmailing Holly by pointing out that if she were to admit her failure the Diamonds would likely punish her, not the Gems. As all the Amethysts cheer for our heroes escape, we see Steven finally have a moment of piece.

I really dug this arc and to see it end like this is satisfying overall, but it's not perfect. Maybe it'll be addressed later, but the zumens being left behind just feels odd, as does the comeuppance for Holly. I get why Holly is humiliated by the end, I just wish we got a little more of her, that way her defeat would feel more satisfying. I do wonder though about the Diamonds, is this a hint towards Blue becocming good? I guess we'll know someday.

This was a wonderful arc, I appreciated a lot of what was done and even if it had problems, the show overcame them. Definitely recommended as one of the better stories of this show.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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