Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Lars episode, "yay"!
At this point I'm just so sick of Lars, sure he's not the worst character, but can someone please explain why we need multiple episodes about him trying to be cool? Even the cool teens don't care what he does, so it's pointless. In fairness, this isn't a bad episode, but that we've seen this thing played out multiple times makes me care so little about Lars, these people are down to earth, Lars acting like he needs to be like the cool kids you see on TV is silly. Even Sadie acknowledges how silly it is that Lars overreacts around them, which makes me wonder why Lars even thinks he needs to act a certain way, it's not like he's never been around these kids, he should know by now. 

The episode begins with Lars revealing his baking skills to Steven, embarrassed to say the least. As Buck Dewey, one of the cool teens, arrives, he invites Lars (along with Sadie and Steven) to a potluck of sorts. Sadie and Steven urge Lars to bring an old family recipe with him, despite his constant fear of being considered uncool (I still don't get why). As the potluck arrives, Steven and Sadie arrive, with the cool teens loving their presence (I like how these characters are actually nice people, but seriously, why is Lars made to think they're stereotypically cool?). As it becomes clear that Lars isn't arriving, Steven decides to look for him, realizing that Lars trashed his food, leaving the area (sure, that's exactly what happened) which leads to Steven and Sadie bidding farewell as they sadly accept the night was no success. The episode once again closes on a mysterious shadow.

I enjoyed this episode fairly decently, but I just wish something interesting would happen with Lars, his fear of being uncool continues to be one of the dumbest things in the show. Fine, that's his character arc, but part of what breaks an arc is the lack of a real struggle. There's really no reason for Lars to act the way he does about the cool teens, and maybe it'll be revealed soon why he does, but without one at this point his plight remains lousy and lacking in real interest. I sincerely hope this is the last time we get a Lars episode about trying to fit in with the cool teens, if it isn't, please explain why he thinks he may be uncool around them.

The best moment of this episode is that ending tease, otherwise, there's not much you'll regret if you skip the episode.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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