Thursday, November 16, 2017


Sooooo, are those people staying there?
This was an interesting episode of the show, funny, but it also raises so many questions, I'm not sure if we'll get the answers, but on it's own it works. There's a lot of lingering questions after watching this, like if the Diamonds have done this to humans, do they have zoos for other creatures? Surely Earth can't be the only fascinating world with life in this universe, and if it is, is there a chance some Gems have done what Rose has done? I mean, is at all doubtful that the some Homeworld Gems have probably kept a human as a slave at some point? I doubt a kids show would answer it, but it'd be a great twist if we found out that Steven is actually not the first Gem hybrid.

Once again picking up where we last left off, Steven finds Greg living among the zoo humans (or zumans) who are descendants of the previously captured humans. The zumans live a peaceful life, their earrings tell them when to eat, sleep, play, etc. a lifestyle that has turned these people into naive, child-like people. Greg enjoys it, but Steven desires to break him free, which he isn't exactly in any rush to do so, that is until he is "choosened". It turns out the Gems have developed a way to keep people in the zoo, a ritual called the choosening, where the grown humans are brought together to procreate, which Greg rejects, leading to the zumans crying, bringing the Amethyst guards to calm them all in a pretty funny scene, as our episode closes once Steven and Greg try escaping.

So there's one major question I had throughout this, are the zumans ever gonna be rescued? Remember, these are people essentially trapped in a life they can't control, similar to the ones in WALL-E, but healthier I suppose. It's strange, because Steven never considers this, even though you'd think it'd be something to consider, sure it seems the humans are treated well, but I don't think they should stay there, especially as pets. Maybe they will be saved, but I feel like the show might not bring them up again after this, which will be beyond strange, it almost reminds me of Pleasure Island from Disney's Pinocchio, though at least the kids aren't saved there as a cautionary tale. I guess it's not the biggest issue,but that honestly bugs me enough to not love this episode more.

This is a good episode, as well as a good way to get closer to the climax of the arc, but it definitely raises more questions than it should.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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