Monday, October 9, 2017


Shorty squad for life!
This was a cute episode, nothing great, but it was charming, fun and just cute honestly. That almost comes with the territory for Peridot, especially since she's become a hero, she's not a violent figure, she's a nerdy runt all things considered. Seeing the focus back on her, along with her friendship with Steven and Amethyst is a welcomed, even if not great diversion.

The main story of this episode deals with the leads having fun at Beach City's amusement park, at least Peridot tries too. Putting aside her short stature, the problem is revealed to be something we've known for some time now, Peridot doesn't really have powers. Sure, when we first saw her, Peridot could do plenty, but that all came from her robotic limbs, which she tries replacing with a tablet Steven gives her at the episode's start. 

If there's anything interesting about the episode, it's that Steven becomes a teacher to Peridot, he's no longer just a Gem in training, he's a mentor.  This episode features cute callbacks due to the meat of the story, but I can't say I cared all too much for them, they weren't bad mind you, they just left little impact. Inevitably, the episode closes with Peridot realizing she has a special power (can control metal), which felt a bit mixed for me, as I kinda hoped this episode would end with Peridot acccepting she has no powers. The episode doesn't end on a sad note, or a meaningful one considering the material, it just ends with a cute gag involving Peridot using her power for her gain. It's all just cute, without much to make this better.

This was a fine episode, not great, but you could do worse for filler episodes, so sure, I approve it.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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