Monday, October 2, 2017


That's a lot of shards.
Finally, the drill is being used to destroy the cluster, a deadly collection of broken Gems, ready to form and destroy the earth. After what's felt like forever, it's nice to see this plot reach it's end, with only Steven and Peridot left to save the planet, it's actually pretty tense. 

I honestly really enjoyed this episode, despite some minor issues, but I'll dig through that in a bit. The humor is spot on, the emotions on display are incredibly tense, while the animation on the Cluster is beautiful. There's hardly anything to dislike about this, as we see Steven come to his senses, regarding an obvious twist on the Cluster. Suffice to say, if you think Steven is taking this down with brute strength, you haven't seen the show. That being said, the episode's strong resolution ends up being it's weakness.

Part of what I've disliked about this show so far, is that Steven hardly seems capable of doing wrong, not in a "Mary Sue" kind of way, but he hardly makes choices that end up being huge mistakes. While I knew once Steven realized the Cluster wasn't malevolent by nature that he'd solve the problem using peaceful means, I honestly thought his solution being wrong would've made for a more interesting development. Part of this show is about Steven growing up, growing up means we sometimes make mistakes that are irreversible, so far we haven't had that. While I liked the resolution, I'd honestly like to see one episode, where Steven trying to solve issues in his own way would result in things getting worse. Seeing Steven realize the ramifications of his choices, making him question if what he does to solve problems is right would be interesting. Maybe that day is coming soon, but for now, his solution works, though you have to wonder if it could even last.

This is a solid episode to cap off the Cluster story, not perfect but it does the job. I may wait to see Steven realize his kindness won't always save the day, but seeing it work here is touching. Let's see where the story goes after this.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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