Saturday, October 21, 2017


In space, no one can hear you talk about cookie cat.
Well this was a solid season finale, not sure if it's the best, but it is a great way to end the season, as we're left with a new dilemma. A majority of the episode is Steven floating aimlessly through space in his bubble, it's sad, dramatic, and leaves time to process the information learned about his mother in the last episode. There's almost a beauty to episodes like these, they don't offer the most action, but there's a maturity to them that is appealing. I can't say it's better than season one's finale, as I'm not pumped for a new season, but I am curious to see what happens now.

Steven is alone in space, there's no one around to help, just him and his bubble, wandering the stars. Along the way, we see one of the Rubies grab hold of the bubble, leading to the two striking a conversation, wherein Steven tries explaining what happened to his mother. The Ruby doesn't believe him, assuming it's a trick, as all their interactions have been so far, but Steven wants to prove himself right. After a collision with some asteroids, Ruby gets hurt, resulting in Steven letting her inside his bubble, where she freaks out as her Gem has been cracked, Steven heals this. Finally, the Ruby believes him, but this backfires on Steven, as she decides to murder him, Steven tries to persuade her into being friendlier, but it fails, resulting in Steven forcing her out. As he once again is alone, Steven is crouched down in a fetal position, letting space take him where he must go, until the Gems find him, he's rescued, but now he questions his mother's choices as the episode closes.

Again, this is a great episode, with the best moment being the Ruby trying to kill Steven. It's not the most tense, but Steven essentially having to force the Ruby out, feels like the start of a new arc. Up to this point, Steven has essentially tried befriending most uncorrupted Gems, after all they can be reasoned with, some have become good, the ones that haven't were just stripped of their form and left bubbled. The Ruby of this episode, while not shattered, is left in space, she may return another day, but the context here, suggests that Steven may have learned one thing, some beings cannot be reasoned with, survival sometimes forces us to do cruel acts. The episode closes with Steven being told (partially) why his mother shattered Pink Diamond, he doesn't argue much, nor does he approve, leading to one wondering if he'll have to make that choice soon, while the Ruby wasn't shattered, he was forced to abandon her in space, which is a small step closer to a shatter decision, after all he was in a kill or be killed situation, which will likely come again at some point. This is honestly more like it, seeing Steven grapple with hard choices is interesting.

Well that closes out the season, it's been solid in parts, weak in others and I find myself feeling like this may be the weakest season to date, well almost the weakest. There were a few episodes I could easily skip, a few more I wouldn't bother revisiting, making for a flawed season. Still theres enough there to generate interest, with some of the best episodes of the series to date. It isn't my favorite, or among them, but it gets the job done, here's hoping after my short break that season four delivers a lot more. 

2.5 OUT OF 4

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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