Saturday, October 21, 2017


Well this was a solid episode, with a great cliffhanger. I know I just complained about how the last two episodes should've been a single episode, so what makes this different? After all they could very much make this a single episode with the next episode a part of this, the answer is simply context. This episode works on its own because it tells a pretty complete story, it just hints at where the next episode is going, compare that to the last two episodes, part one was about Amethyst not being able to get over her loss, while part two answered that dilemma, they were incomplete stories. This episode finishes it's own tale, while opening up a new scenario that will have its own issues, which is why I think it's a great way to work towards the season finale.

Continuing from last time, the Rubies are back, determined to find Jasper, who is now bubbled. As the Gems try (and fail) to interrogate the not so bright Rubies, Amethyst decides to disguise herself as Jasper, which the Rubies fall for easily. As the ruse takes shape, the Rubies request that "Jasper" make a report on her current status, with the moon being the closest station to make a report, they all head there. As they head to the room for the report, one of the Rubies reveal Rose had killed the Diamond who once ruled over Earth, Pink Diamond, this upsets Steven. Just as they're about to be in the clear, the Rubies see Amethyst has been tricking them, resulting in Steven launching them, and unfortunately himself as well, into space.

This is a funny episode, but only until we learn about the secret from Rose's past, which then makes the episode a little more dramatic, as well as provide a great idea for Steven to explore, are there Gems (Diamonds) that must be destroyed? We don't get much of that here, but I'm sure it will be explored upon. The Rubies also continue to be a joy to watch, even if there's not as many individual moments with them in this episode, they're still a riot, part of me wants me to see them join the Crystal Gems. Of course, seeing Amethyst having to hold a form (uncomfortably) the whole episode makes her the MVP this time around, as well as fun to watch.

This was a great episode. I loved the build up to the climax, as well as the cliffhanger, setting the stage for an interesting finale. This episode was both funny, while a fascinating look at how Steven might further question his mother's qualities as a person, she's no longer a perfect being it seems. Definitely watch this one, it's a highlight for the season.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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