Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Okay, this episode was pretty funny.
This was a slight episode and I'm okay with that, sometimes, especially after a bad episode, something silly is welcomed. I think what makes this episode work, outside being funny that is, it's that it is a laid back episode, there's nothing more being presented, allowing the audience to laugh about the situation. There's nothing wrong with episodes trying to have deeper messages mind you, I just appreciate seeing the show relax from them, especially if they have little to add to a topic. Sure, this episode is ultimately skippable, but it's fun, which is welcomed.

To sum things up, this episode deals with Steven accidentally reigniting an apparent war between Beach City's two restaurant owners, Kofi and Mr.Fryman. Steven and the children of the two men try solving the problem, but it turns out to be bigger than anticipated. With little else to do, Steven eventually has to beat them at their own game just to save the day, resulting in Steven (with the help of the Gems) having to create his own restaurant.

Again, this is a simple episode, not much important goes on, but there's laughs to be had so it works out. Ronaldo gets the biggest laugh during a failed plan to end the war, but I'll admit this episode's Onion joke was my favorite. There's not a whole lot to talk about beyond acknowledging how funny this episode can be, as again, there's no deeper message, but I will say I wish more filler episodes could be like this one, fun character driven tales, that embrace the pointless nature of fillers.

This is not an episode I'll think about after this, but I enjoyed it. There's no one-dimensional villain, or weak message that was done better before, it's just a goofy story.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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