Monday, October 16, 2017


Jasper's back.... AGAIN!
Well, I'm not gonna lie I am a little surprised that this episode did pick up from the last, I mean that. In all honesty I was expecting Jasper to be a no show, possibly even no mention this time around, but the episode actually continued the story, I'm a bit proud of that, I just wish the episode were better. By no means is this a bad episode, I just find it to be a bit repetitive, Connie and Steven hang out, only this time it's for a less serious matter, but then Jasper appears.  Still, it is nice to see the show try to tell it's story, without having to distract itself with filler episodes.

As said before, this episode picks up after the last one, so plot wise this one makes the search for Jasper the focus. Steven and Connie are forced to stay with Amethyst though, to avoid confrontation with such a deadly foe. Amethyst messes around with the two, having a lot of fun, including a Lars gag that probably worked better on paper than it does on screen. All the goofing off is cut short when Jasper attacks them. The confrontation with Amethyst is cut short, while Steven manages to win as Stevonnie, leading to Jasper escaping and Amethyst looking worried at the two kids.

This is an okay episode, I'll admit I enjoyed it more than the last one, but that doesn't really say much. The action here is certainly better, in fact the ending feels much better, but I just can't say it's anything stand out for me. There's really no strong joke (besides a final comment on Jasper), while the build up to the episode's big action scene is non-existent and forgettable. Overall, I'll recommend this for fans who want to see the full arc here, but it could probably be skipped with little consequence.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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