Sunday, October 15, 2017


Remember that Liam Neeson movie where he hunts wolves or something in the snow? This isn't that, I just remembered that was a movie.
Connie continues to be an interesting addition to the team, she's nowhere near the best character of the show, but it's fascinating to see a human be involved with Gem activities. This latest episode deals with her first official Gem mission, so it predictably feels more like an early episode of the show, the keyword is feels. I'll admit I wasn't a big fan of the episode, as it does little to capture my interest, but I will admit the eventual surprise reveal was really well done.

Accompanied by Steven and Pearl, Connie's first mission deals with a wild Gem beast in a snow mountain. The trio are a bit surprised when they realize the beast doesn't seem too aggressive upfront,  which leads to Pearl splitting up from the group. Things seem safe, but after Steven and Connie encounter the beast again, Connie, while frightened, unintentionally antagonizes the beast. Just when things seem to get worse, the kids are indirectly rescued by Jasper, who seems to be collecting the corrupted Gems.

If I were to name the main thing I loved about this episode, it would be the reveal of Jasper, as it is a genuine surprise and builds up tension for the next episode. That's really about it, the episode offers so little outside Jasper's return to fully enjoy, it's just okay outside of that. I'll even admit the episode's actual ending is weak itself, sure it's nice to see praise for Connie, but the reveal of Jasper should've led to an ending that continued the tension building of what was coming, instead the build-up is dropped to congratulate Connie on her first mission. I can't say I didn't like anything in the episode, I just wish there was more greatness here.

As far as Connie episodes go, this is definitely on the weaker end, not bad, just not very fun. Let's see if the next episode can continue building on that Jasper reveal.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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